Software Engineer II

  • Developed a Python-biased RAG AI chatbot feature from the ground up, enabling dynamic interaction with user-uploaded documents and marking the company‚Äôs first generative AI feature.
  • Developed an in-house app in Typscript/Node.js, which became the cornerstone of customer support and business insights, addressing 4+ classes of support issues and adding valuable sales cycle insights and business metrics.
  • Engineered a viral component that encouraged users to share the app, utilizing a blend of in-app notifications and email tools like SparkPost, resulting in a 32% surge in daily user engagement.
  • Drafted rigorous end-to-end tests using Ava and Sinon to replace unit tests, leading to a 55% increase in code coverage from 12% to 67%.
  • Spearheaded the company-wide transition to TypeScript, reducing bugs in production by 23% and cleaning up junk database entries, which reduced relational database costs by 40%.
  • Mentored and supported two junior developers, teaching them the codebase and how to uphold quality code/organization standards. This resulted in a 30% improvement in the time-to-pull request rate.
  • Led AWS cloud architecture optimization, reducing redundancies and saving 65% on the company's monthly infrastructure bill, significantly lowering operation costs


Full Stack Software Engineer

  • Directed the development of the data-aggregator component, utilizing AWS/Node.js, which served as the cornerstone of our ELT pipeline. Implemented a buffering system to reduce data loss by 63% and ensured its capability to manage a capacity of over 130 requests per second efficiently.
  • Developed an intuitive data visualizer with React, allowing users to access comprehensive visual representations of data collected from load generation tests across all 26 AWS regions.
  • Managed a remote team of global engineers spanning four time zones. Conducted daily stand-up meetings and pair programming sessions to facilitate clear communication and enhance collaboration efficiency.
  • Utilized expansive knowledge and expertise in SQL to analyze redundancies and inefficiencies in the code, resulting in a significant 91% increase in the efficiency of the database call.
  • Created and disseminated a YouTube presentation to enhance junior engineers' professional growth. The presentation reached close to 2,000 colleagues and helped foster a culture of continuous team and individual improvement.

Open Source

Junior Software Engineer

  • Engineered job keyword tracking software using Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Puppeteer, and React/Redux to process 900 job listings simultaneously and analyze top keywords in each listing, enhancing job search efficiency.
  • Developed the backend for "Bin of Requests," a Node.js application utilizing Express, MongoDB, Postman, and PostgreSQL to capture and monitor HTTP requests, improving request tracking and management.
  • Engineered a complex full-stack application for exhaustive searches across Shakespeare's complete works, integrating Go, React, SQLite3, and Tailwind CSS technologies, providing users with comprehensive search capabilities.
  • Independently developed various other open-source web applications to solidify software engineering foundations, utilizing technologies such as Node.js, Ruby, PostgreSQL, React, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, enhancing programming skills and expertise.


Sales Associate

  • Consistently maintained a 95% customer satisfaction rate based on post-sales surveys. Achieved consistent placement in the top 50% of sales professionals each month across the state of Texas.

Go Sharps

Medical Sales Associate

  • Facilitated service contracts for a company in the medical sector valued at over $5 million while consistently maintaining a 98% customer satisfaction rate based on post-sales surveys.